Tasters Papamoa

Wine Tasting in Papamoa

Bylaws of Tasters Papamoa

The Club shall be called TASTERS PAPAMOA WINE CLUB. It was established in July 2009 only for the purpose of advancing the education and knowledge of its members; there is no private profit to any individual.

To increase the knowledge and widen the interests of members in beverages and food as responsible citizens in the community by :-
(a) Providing educational lectures by experts in the beverage and food industries.
(b) Enjoying congenial companionship & exchanging ideas.
This club shall be non-political and non-sectarian in all of its relationships.

The membership of the club shall be determined by the Committee who shall limit it at its discretion. All members of the club must be of legal age for the consumption of alcohol in New Zealand. Candidates for election to the club shall be proposed and seconded by members of the club and admitted in order of priority on the waiting list, therein six monthly. The members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible. A membership subscription fee payable is $50 per annum per member, renewable in June each year. Should a member join after December 31, a pro-rata membership subscription of $20 is payable. Membership subscription allows club members to enjoy club nights at a discounted rate as set by the committee, along with any other discretionary offers available only to club members. In accepting membership, members agree that club member details can be used by Tasters Papamoa Wine Club for the purpose of keeping members informed of monthly club meetings, plus provide any other relevant club information, and allow members to take advantage of any specials offered to the club. The club will not provide members details to any other party without permission.

In accepting membership, members agree that club member details can be used by Tasters Papamoa Wine Club for the purpose of keeping members informed of monthly club meetings, plus provide any other relevant club information, and allow members to take advantage of any specials offered to the club. The club will not provide members details to any other party without permission.

Position Descriptions:
There shall be the following officers elected annually: President, Treasurer/memberships, Secretary, Editor of Grapevine, Webmaster, Cellar Master, Wine orders & Distribution co-ordinator, Venue co-ordinator and Host.
President: Run monthly club meeting, run monthly committee meetings, Introduce new members, introduce the Guest Speaker / Winery. Signing of annual accounts, cheques etc
Secretary: Monthly email to members advertising upcoming wine meeting, actioning inwards / outwards correspondence, committee meeting agendas and minutes etc.
Treasurer / Memberships: Receive and confirm registrations and payments for monthly wine meetings, confirm attendance for food platters with venue, maintain master membership lists and contact details, prepare monthly financial statement, responsible for all payments, banking etc.
Editor of Grapevine Newsletter: Prepare and produce monthly newsletter advertising all upcoming events, news and highlights as required.
Web Master: Maintain all digital content on Webpage and Facebook page as required. This position can be held outside of the Committee if desired
Cellar Master/Wine Orders and Distribution: Seek out wineries and distributors and secure presentation to monthly wine meetings. Co-ordinate with wineries on presenting guidelines, numbers in attendance, wines to present etc. Be in contact with Rotorua Tasters to combine presenters where appropriate. Drawing of raffle tickets, and thanking the presenter at conclusion of wine meeting.
Wine Orders and Distribution: Collect order forms from members at meetings. Collate orders and combine on spreadsheet and email to winery. Courier copy of forms and payment details to winery. Receive wine orders, and collate for collection by members. Advise members when wine is available for collection.
Venue Co-ordinator and Host: Liaise with venue regarding orders for platter and numbers attending. Meet and greet members at Club Nights, give out name badge raffle tickets. Arrange volunteers for pouring and assist at Club Nights. Assist with clean up at the end of the night. Undertake stocktake of glassware as required.
Qualifications of Officers
Any candidate for office must be a member in good standing, must be eighteen (18) years of age or older, and must have been a member of the club for a minimum of six (6) months.
Election of Officers
The President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cellar Master, Order Coordinator and Web Master and two Committee Members shall be elected by a majority of the members attending the Annual General Meeting. The President shall hold office for one year but not for more than three consecutive years. The Committee may at any time co-opt members onto it for special duties or to replace any Committee member who may retire during the year but the Full Committee shall not exceed eight.
Candidates for each office shall be presented by the nominating committee at the regular meeting in May. Nominations from the floor will be taken before voting at the regular meeting in June. Candidates must have given their permission to run, verbally to three (3) members or in writing. Officers shall be elected by ballot and installed at the regular July meeting. Office bearers will serve a two year period, with an option of a further two years. If the President has served their 3 year period, or a committee member has served their 4 year period, they would no longer be eligible to serve in that position for a minimum of five(5) years. They can however, accept a new position on the committee. This ensures that the club would always be served by new people with new ideas every 3 years.

Members wishing to resign must give written notice to the Secretary not less than one month prior to the end of the financial year. Failure to do so may render them liable for the following year’s subscription. Any member who resigns may re-apply and go to the bottom of the waiting list.

The annual subscription will be decided by the Committee and shall be notified to the members at the Annual General Meeting. Any member who fails to pay their subscription within one month of the A.G.M. may be deleted from the list of members. Dues are on a twelve (12) month basis from meeting date of application. Members joining after January are eligible for a reduction in fees. The Committee will review the dues schedule each November. Their recommendations will be presented at the general meeting for approval. New membership year commences on July 1.

The Regular Meetings of the Club shall be held at a venue decided by the Committee on the Fourth Tuesday of February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November of each year. The Committee may, at its discretion, limit the number of people attending any Regular Meeting. Members must therefore notify their attendance or otherwise to a committee member by 7.00pm on the Sunday before the meeting. Cancellations are acceptable up to 7.00pm on the Sunday evening before the meeting. If you fail to cancel or turn up you will be liable for the meeting cost. Meeting attendance fees for members and non-members shall be set by the committee. Members may bring non-members but must confirm with a committee member on the Sunday before the meeting that there are sufficient vacancies available.

The President shall direct the time and place of committee meetings.

All cheque's, withdrawals and transfers drawn on the Club's banking account with the ASB in Papamoa shall be signed jointly by any two of the following authorised signatories; President, Secretary, Treasurer and one Committee member who shall be elected at the A.G.M.

The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of a President, Cellar Master, Secretary, Treasurer and two other members.

The financial year shall end on 30 April each year and the annual accounts shall be audited and presented for approval at the A.G.M.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May each year on a date to be fixed by the President.

No appeals for charity shall be made, nor any tickets sold at meetings.

The Club may be dissolved by a Resolution passed by a majority of three-quarters of the members present at any extraordinary meeting. Upon the passing of such resolution the Committee shall forthwith discharge all the liabilities of the Club and transfer all the surplus assets to a charitable organisation of their choice.

The Committee may at any time recommend to the members the repeal, alteration, rescinding or any addition to these By-Laws as it may consider necessary for the well- being of the Club, provided no addition to or alteration of the aims/objects by-law, payments to members by-law or the winding up by-law, shall be approved without the approval of Inland Revenue. The provisions and effect of this by-law shall not be removed from this document and shall be included and implied into any document replacing this document. In joining Tasters Papamoa Wine Club you agree to adhere to all rules and decisions set by the committee and the clubs by-laws.

The Committee, by two thirds (2/3) majority vote, can expel any member of the club for the following reasons:
A. Conduct unbecoming a member of the club.
B. Malfeasance in office.